Bonnie and Bonnie

Bonnie and Bonnie

Sunday, 24 October 2010


While sitting in our flat reminiscing about last years
Halloween at Torture Garden, we started to envision
our new costumes.

Last years festivities had a 'Silent Hill meets Galliano'
feel as you see in our pics. We headed to London's
most renown fetish club Torture Garden and
let's just say our eyes were exposed to...well lets
just say it was a feast for the eyes.

This year, the theme will be Zombies with a touch
of YES you guessed right....GLITTER.
We are putting the beauty back into zombie nation.
We experimented with a few cuts and scrapes, along
with some zombie contouring late last night.
Stay tuned for the final result.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Forgetful Green at FRIEZE

Regents Park in London hosted Frieze Art Fair
this past weekend exhibiting the sculpture park,
musical performances, multiple galleries, film productions
and more.

This year I was fortunate to assist the creative Debbie Dannell
during makeup to create these fantastical and otherworldly
characters featured in Linder's film 'Forgetful Green',
which previewed at Frieze.
Forgetful Green was shot by renowned fashion photographer
Tim Walker, and directed by London based Linder.
This short film followed the 13 hour performance at
Chisenhale Gallery where these glorious characters
improvised to various truths of gender,
sexuality, prejudice and pageantry.

Read more about Linder here

'Your in for a treat' said the woman escorting us into the
viewing, and a treat YES it was.
Forgetful Green is a fantasy of eye candy containing
deep truths, a vivid backdrop of enchanting roses
and characters of another world to say the least.

Hopefully you were able to catch some of Frieze's
exhibitions in Regents Park as well.