Bonnie and Bonnie

Bonnie and Bonnie

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Tutorial 1

We love what Pat McGrath has done with the Dior Spring/Summer 2010 beauty. Skin is polished to perfection and
it's such a glamorous, modern yet classic beauty look with the pastel lids and richly red pouts

Here is our first tutorial where you can recreate this runway trend in minutes! Enjoy

Dior Spring Summer 2010

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Lipstick, Lipstick and Kate Moss

It's Sunday after a weekend of Zambucca,G&T's,Tequila and many Marlboros with the girls.
I have a makeup job today, the client tells me they want 60's inspired makeup..think Valley of the Dolls.
I'd much rather stay home with my girl and gossip while sipping cappucinos but its a job and you NEVER
know who you're going to stumble across. Seriously.

A house full of fabulous women throwing a party for their fashion friend
invite me into their cute home I set up and get on with the makeup.
Heavy set creases, liquid liner and lashes are applied while the
hair team is busy with extensions, bouffants and backcombing.
A girl enters the room in a grey T, and tapered denim. I look up and
look again....and look again.....and oh my god yes its Kate Moss.
I nearly dropped my brushes. She's exactly how she appears in
magazines, absolutely stunning with cheekbones to kill.
She joined the party with a big bouffant inspired hairstyle, rocking a
gold metallic mini, while getting everyone in the room to listen to her
ipod of The Stones & Wham! to name a few.

Love love love the things you stumble across in London on a Sunday makeup day.
Can't wait to see what happens with this so called band she is putting together with Jamie Hince.

I heart you Kate Moss!