Bonnie and Bonnie

Bonnie and Bonnie

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Lipstick Chixx do Festival Makeup

Glastonbury, Sonar, Electric Picnic, Coachella...ah yes Festival
season is here. Bring out your hunter boots, fringe tops and
denim cut-offs. There is always something hanging in our
closet or even mom's closet to throw into our 3-day
festival backpacks, but what about beauty?

No matter what any style-mag claims, beauty is ALWAYS
a must at festivals. One of our followers asked us what
type of makeup is ideal for festivals....have your basic
makeup bag of blot powder, gloss and water proof liner but
also try something creative to really make a statement.
We've created this video for you showing a hippie-inspired
approach to festival makeup. Enjoy x

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Must have's while Red Carpeting....

If your attending a red carpet event you need to be sure you have your
top products to touch up with so your skin stays perfectly polished,
your eyeshadow doesn't fade and of course DO NOT forget your lipstick!

Here are the Lipstick Chixx top picks for Red Carpet Maintenance

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural from MAC Cosmetics is a beautiful
powder which gives the skin dimension and reduces shine with an
extremely natural satin finish - great for touching up

LipKIT- Don't forget the products you use on your lips...and that means
all of them. Liner, lipstick and gloss. Try using matte textured lipsticks,
they hold color better and even if your using a nude lip colour,
use a nude liner with it to maintain the perfect lip shape.

Dazzleglass is a perfect gloss for red carpet events as it dazzles with
large pearly particles under any light...we love this product!
Try colours like Smile, Baby Sparks and Girl's Delight

Ruby Woo on the Red Carpet

The British Academy of Film and Television Awards is a leading charity who
recognizes and supports the many artists and creators from Film and Television
to Video Games shown in the UK each year.

Luckily I work for an amazing makeup company who has given me the opportunity
to have yet another celebrity Sunday doing makeup for the BAFTAS. Yay!
Sunday I head down to South Kensington where we are put up in a beautiful private
boutique hotel to make some celebs look even more stunning before the awards.

I absolutely love doing red carpet looks, the makeup is always so beautiful and glamorous.
This year I used a lot of bronzy, earthly rich shades on the eyes and cheeks with
soft creamy shimmers and lashes lashes and more lashes.

Here are three fabulous women I had the opportunity to beautify Tamzin Outhwaite
- TV favorite now Sweet Charity Musical Star, Lenora Crichlow - Being Human and
Laurie Brett - East Enders Jane Beale

x Love Ruby Woo