Bonnie and Bonnie

Bonnie and Bonnie

Monday, 13 December 2010

IDOL wants you to glitter

IDOL - ' Exposing true gems and all who glitter...'

This online creation features Fashion, Film, Music
and Art and stop at no boundaries.
IDOL supports and exposes the raw, emerging talent
of photographers, stylists, makeup artists, journalists, musicians
and creative individuals in London and international locations.
Jessica Duffin and Rebecca Moore stop at nothing and continue
to develop their dreams without any hesitation.

Lipstickchixx presents our first collaboration with IDOL magazine
Makeup : Emily
Hair : Lei

To see full story and more IDOL features click HERE

Sunday, 24 October 2010


While sitting in our flat reminiscing about last years
Halloween at Torture Garden, we started to envision
our new costumes.

Last years festivities had a 'Silent Hill meets Galliano'
feel as you see in our pics. We headed to London's
most renown fetish club Torture Garden and
let's just say our eyes were exposed to...well lets
just say it was a feast for the eyes.

This year, the theme will be Zombies with a touch
of YES you guessed right....GLITTER.
We are putting the beauty back into zombie nation.
We experimented with a few cuts and scrapes, along
with some zombie contouring late last night.
Stay tuned for the final result.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Forgetful Green at FRIEZE

Regents Park in London hosted Frieze Art Fair
this past weekend exhibiting the sculpture park,
musical performances, multiple galleries, film productions
and more.

This year I was fortunate to assist the creative Debbie Dannell
during makeup to create these fantastical and otherworldly
characters featured in Linder's film 'Forgetful Green',
which previewed at Frieze.
Forgetful Green was shot by renowned fashion photographer
Tim Walker, and directed by London based Linder.
This short film followed the 13 hour performance at
Chisenhale Gallery where these glorious characters
improvised to various truths of gender,
sexuality, prejudice and pageantry.

Read more about Linder here

'Your in for a treat' said the woman escorting us into the
viewing, and a treat YES it was.
Forgetful Green is a fantasy of eye candy containing
deep truths, a vivid backdrop of enchanting roses
and characters of another world to say the least.

Hopefully you were able to catch some of Frieze's
exhibitions in Regents Park as well.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Introducing Mr. Stiletto

So lucky to have a place of work where if the need
arises to release some creativity, all you have to
do is pick up your brushes.

Meet Mr. Stiletto, a charming and may I add STUNNING
boy with the most amazing sockets, browbones and lips
in the world! I couldn't resist doing his makeup, and
he likes nothing but sharp, dramatic looks.
Check it out guys

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

How to do ' Cashmink ' eyes

Trends in fashion can be so
obvious every season, we
spot them on our friends,
on every other girl in Shoreditch,
in magazines and on the high street.
But what about beauty?
After all the effort creating
that perfect outfit,
makeup can sometimes be
left behind.

Autumn/Winter...what do you have in store
for beauty?

Seamless luxurious skin, A Red Lip modernly perfected.
Blown out and blended shadows, Black eyes and artistic liner.

Cashmink is a trend revolving around the skin using
palettes of toffee and caramel to effortlessly melt into
a seamless complexion. This trend was seen at
Christopher Kane, Alexander Wang and Giles to
name a few

Check out my recent article below featured in
The Daily Telegraph. Beauty columnist Jane
Cullen reveals how to transform a catwalk trend
off the catwalk.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Ms. Carroll of London Snog

Check her of my famous friends of Toronto and
creator of the blog London Snog

Ms. Carroll documents her stay in London and
her quest to conquer the Fashion Industry.

One of the most ambitious people I know, she
always impresses me with her ability to be a stylist,
super-intern, journalist, PR gal and all round
fashionista. Stay tuned for her surprise celebrity
shoot she just styled in Portugal!

Also check her latest article

Read the full article at

Glossy Launch Party

Presenting 'The Model off Duty Issue 6' by Glossy Magazine

We the Lipstickchixx, treated guests to a demo or two of lips
and eyes at the Glossy Launch Party in East London.

Tallulah Doherty - Editor in Chief, hosted this party which featured
exhibitions of Glossy photographers and illustrators contributing
to Glossy.
Read more on this fab-mag at

Get ready for Issue 7 launching soon

Friday, 20 August 2010

Canada's got Talent!

I'd like to introduce you to one of Canada's freshest talents Greg Swales.
He's one of my great friends and I can happily say he's
coming to LondonTown to visit!

Greg began taking photos while traveling around Cuba
and after 13 months, moved back to Canada where his
talents for Fashion Photography blossomed.
Greg's work is gracing the pages of Zink, Nuvo, Nylon
& Spade to name a few. He's passionate, talented and
oh-so gorgeous. London anxiously awaits you Greg.

Check out his latest work at

Here's a few shots from the story I worked on with Greg before moving to London

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Injection of Inspiration

We attended a master class courtesy of M.A.C Cosmetics
and the featured artist was the brilliant Andrew Gallimore
represented by CLM Agency.
Andrew is based in London, and is definitely an artist in
the industry spotlight. His love and inspiration draws from
the 80's and his work is fearless, colorful and truly
Here are a few pics of Andrew's work, featuring a preview
of the story he did for 125 magazine of the American Flag.
Lipstickchixx love the Andrew!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Lipstick Chixx do Festival Makeup

Glastonbury, Sonar, Electric Picnic, Coachella...ah yes Festival
season is here. Bring out your hunter boots, fringe tops and
denim cut-offs. There is always something hanging in our
closet or even mom's closet to throw into our 3-day
festival backpacks, but what about beauty?

No matter what any style-mag claims, beauty is ALWAYS
a must at festivals. One of our followers asked us what
type of makeup is ideal for festivals....have your basic
makeup bag of blot powder, gloss and water proof liner but
also try something creative to really make a statement.
We've created this video for you showing a hippie-inspired
approach to festival makeup. Enjoy x

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Must have's while Red Carpeting....

If your attending a red carpet event you need to be sure you have your
top products to touch up with so your skin stays perfectly polished,
your eyeshadow doesn't fade and of course DO NOT forget your lipstick!

Here are the Lipstick Chixx top picks for Red Carpet Maintenance

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural from MAC Cosmetics is a beautiful
powder which gives the skin dimension and reduces shine with an
extremely natural satin finish - great for touching up

LipKIT- Don't forget the products you use on your lips...and that means
all of them. Liner, lipstick and gloss. Try using matte textured lipsticks,
they hold color better and even if your using a nude lip colour,
use a nude liner with it to maintain the perfect lip shape.

Dazzleglass is a perfect gloss for red carpet events as it dazzles with
large pearly particles under any light...we love this product!
Try colours like Smile, Baby Sparks and Girl's Delight

Ruby Woo on the Red Carpet

The British Academy of Film and Television Awards is a leading charity who
recognizes and supports the many artists and creators from Film and Television
to Video Games shown in the UK each year.

Luckily I work for an amazing makeup company who has given me the opportunity
to have yet another celebrity Sunday doing makeup for the BAFTAS. Yay!
Sunday I head down to South Kensington where we are put up in a beautiful private
boutique hotel to make some celebs look even more stunning before the awards.

I absolutely love doing red carpet looks, the makeup is always so beautiful and glamorous.
This year I used a lot of bronzy, earthly rich shades on the eyes and cheeks with
soft creamy shimmers and lashes lashes and more lashes.

Here are three fabulous women I had the opportunity to beautify Tamzin Outhwaite
- TV favorite now Sweet Charity Musical Star, Lenora Crichlow - Being Human and
Laurie Brett - East Enders Jane Beale

x Love Ruby Woo

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Tutorial 1

We love what Pat McGrath has done with the Dior Spring/Summer 2010 beauty. Skin is polished to perfection and
it's such a glamorous, modern yet classic beauty look with the pastel lids and richly red pouts

Here is our first tutorial where you can recreate this runway trend in minutes! Enjoy

Dior Spring Summer 2010

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Lipstick, Lipstick and Kate Moss

It's Sunday after a weekend of Zambucca,G&T's,Tequila and many Marlboros with the girls.
I have a makeup job today, the client tells me they want 60's inspired makeup..think Valley of the Dolls.
I'd much rather stay home with my girl and gossip while sipping cappucinos but its a job and you NEVER
know who you're going to stumble across. Seriously.

A house full of fabulous women throwing a party for their fashion friend
invite me into their cute home I set up and get on with the makeup.
Heavy set creases, liquid liner and lashes are applied while the
hair team is busy with extensions, bouffants and backcombing.
A girl enters the room in a grey T, and tapered denim. I look up and
look again....and look again.....and oh my god yes its Kate Moss.
I nearly dropped my brushes. She's exactly how she appears in
magazines, absolutely stunning with cheekbones to kill.
She joined the party with a big bouffant inspired hairstyle, rocking a
gold metallic mini, while getting everyone in the room to listen to her
ipod of The Stones & Wham! to name a few.

Love love love the things you stumble across in London on a Sunday makeup day.
Can't wait to see what happens with this so called band she is putting together with Jamie Hince.

I heart you Kate Moss!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010


By far my favorite show to work on was Bernard Chandran. The clothes were strong and influenced by
70's and 80's shapes and styles. Chandran included strong architectural body shapes, glistening gold
cocktail dresses and vibrant feathered bags, shoulders and shoes. Makeup was kept creative
and bold as could be. An makeup girl's dream !

Models wore a full face of white or dusty coral chromacake
and were then airbrushed to perfection.
I enjoyed the differentiation with chromacakes on the
variety of skin tones. The dusty coral on black skin had an almost
desert-like look, imagine a girl abandoned in the desert for hours
in her gold blitz n glitz dress trying to find her way through the
blowing red sand.
Blocked liner in black was used on the eyes and brows were drawn in black liner.
Vibrant lipmixes of purple, yellow and green were used on the models for a modern finish.

I absolutely loved working on this show, such a powerful look by the key makeup artist.

Sunday, 21 February 2010


Its here and its fabulous. London definitely has some talents to be proud of....

beautiful, deadly-feminine, heroines, depth and diffusion,
contour, geisha, glossy girls, packed on neon, bleach were
among the styles in makeup used to compliment each
collection. And Yes! I got to help with the makeup teams
behind a few of the following shows. Here's a bit of beauty
for you...

Holly Fulton (above) blasted London Fashion Week with her signature style of
graphic-deco jeweled goodnessI was backstage for Holly Fulton and the look was definitely one of 'beauty'.

Skin was kept flawless with barely there foundation
Eyes were heavily impacted with a glossy lid with added gloss high on the cheekbones
Lips were the focal point with 'blood orange' lips with a neon pink centre !IN LOVE!